Policies & Best Practices

We will accommodate you with any logistical difficulties or time-constraints if adequate advanced planning is afforded us. We have extended our hours to evenings and Saturdays to accommodate busy work schedules and school hours.

We rarely double-book our patients. Our goal is not maximizing the quantity of patients we see each day, but optimizing the quality of work we deliver to every patient. This means that every patient will receive the doctor’s fully, undivided attention during each visit to ensures that enough time is designated to quality, as well as patient maintenance and prevention.

Single booking enables us to focus totally on you and the procedure being performed. We are able to do this only with the full cooperation of our pateints in recognizing the value of our overhead and the negative impact of clinical downtime, and ensuring that all appointments are kept. Although we observe a 24-hour advanced notice for schedule changes, it is often difficult to fill in lsot appointment slots in time. We therefore ask our patients to work with us in maintaining scheduled appointments, as this allows us to perform the high quality of care we strive for with affordable pricing for all.

We understand that scheduling conflicts beyond your means sometimes arise, so unlike other offices, we do not charge for last minute cancellagtions or no-shows as a courtesy to you; given this consideration we ask our patient family to please work with us in order to offer you the quality care that time requires.

If you have a flexible schedule, and are able to come in within quick notice when we have a last minute cancellation, we will offer you a 25% courtesy reduction on your next scheduled procedure. Please let our front office know of your availability for this program.

Our usual and customary policy is to have fees paid as services are rendered. If you have insurance, we will prepare and bill your claim, but appreciate your co-payment to be made at the time of service.

We also offer indiviidually tailored payment programs to fit your needs. Please speak with our front office to arrange for a payment schedule if this is easier for you. Our office also works with dental finance companies to accommodate longer and more flexible payment needs.

We are committed to offering Value for our patients, and our economic model of Value Exchange is designed to keep fees affordable for the best care for all our patients.
We do not practice compromised dentistry or second tier treatment based on ability to pay or other financial constraints, but we do provide provisional dental services until such time as resources permit definitive treatment.
Our fee listing is available to our patients.
We do accept all major credit cards and also offer payment programs. Please ask our front office for these options.

If you are not fully satisfied with the results of your treatment we will gladly offer a full refund. You may maintain the work undertaken, and we will offer you several referrals of competent dentists to complete your work.

Your complete satisfaction is our minimal threshold of treatment, and we stand by our work. Our patients are the most important element of our practice, and excdeeding your expectations are our objectives.